Custom photo gallery templates

Do you want to create photo galleries that look like all other pages of your website? We can help you! We can create a custom photo gallery template for Easy Website Photo Gallery using almost any existing web page.

How does it work

You contact us using the form below and give us the link to your website (or any page on a website, or any other website) that will be an example for the future template. Also please tell us what kind of galleries you would like to generate: do you want Lightbox or slide show, how many thumbnails per page would you like by default, what information will be shown in the thumbnails title or in full-size photo title and so on.

Once we receive your message, we will reply to you to clear all the details and tell you how much time it will take us to create a template for you (usually the template is ready within 24 hours).

When your template is ready we will create a sample gallery, upload it to our website and send you a link so you can review the gallery. If there is something that we missed or you see something that you don't like - you tell us about it and we're trying to create a perfect template that suits all your needs.

Once you are happy with the sample gallery, we give you a link where you can pay a fee of $19.95. After the payment is received we will create a template installation package, upload it to our server and send you a link where you can download it. You will need to launch the downloaded .exe file and a new template will appear in the list of gallery templates in the Easy Website Photo Gallery.

Now all you need to do is to select the new template in the program, add your photos and click the Generate button! So, do not hesitate! Order your custom photo gallery template now!

Price and conditions

The price is $19.95 per template. This is a flat fee. You pay only once and then you can generate as many galleries as you like using your new custom template.

This service is available only for registered users of Easy Website Photo Gallery. If you haven't registered your copy yet, then click here to buy your license.

Order your custom photo gallery template

If you have any questions before ordering - you can use this form to contact us and write your question in the Gallery information field.

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